What do divorced women think about sex life?

Lead: Older single women, whether divorced or unmarried, sexual life is an indispensable thing in this period. When these people have sexual impulses, what measures will they take to release sexual energy? Liu Yan, who just rushed out of the siege of marriage, sees love very lightly: “I can’t find a good man, always Find a good partner, even if it is only a simple sexual aspect.” Liu Yan said that he has always been a person who loves to play, does not like the feeling of being restrained, how many women have a style of work, which may be the reason for her marriage failure. One. “Although in this marriage, I have a lot of bad places, but there are more disappointments. It was this reason when I was bitten by a snake and I was afraid of grass rope for ten years. So, now I definitely don’t touch feelings. But I am an adult, have my own desires and my loneliness, and have to fill it with sex without love. After work, most of Liu Wei’s time is spent on the street of Jiefang West Road Bar. “I don’t know except Soho, D, and glamorous bars, where can I go. The reason why I don’t have a fixed boyfriend around me is because I can’t find anyone who wants to have a lifetime. It feels fast and goes fast. Liu Yan said that she has many intimate male friends who often involve sex in conversation and practice, but usually do not last long. In her eyes and in my heart, “People are not wood, my sexual life is absolutely and my feeling is Connected together. At that time, the two felt that they came, and naturally went to bed, no matter who the other party is, no matter how long we have known each other. Didn’t feel it, of course, I have to break up. Everyone is an adult, don’t have to be responsible for each other. “Of course, this feeling is just a pleasure. If you don’t believe in love, you can feel it. Even if you go to bed with a stranger, you should take the feeling as a guide. Fortunately, this feeling is not equal to love, to the eye. This is basically a purely sexual interaction, on the other hand, it reflects the part of Liu’s innermost love. The category of depression – the more lacking the more lonely. The female graduate student who is obsessed with masturbation “Little, female, 27 years old, unmarried, a college student in Hexi is studying emotional status: no boyfriend, and dare not try to make a sexual partner. Desire mentality: “Their nest is the warmest, and it is safest for you to give yourself.” The little boy who has no boyfriend is still indulging in the ivory tower, longing for Platonic love. “I don’t have a boyfriend, and I have never had a real sexual experience.” This question is difficult for me to talk about, but I still want to talk to you. Xiao Xiao was on the phone in the middle of the night, and the voice was on the tape. Small novel: “I was born in a traditional knowledge.” A single-parent family of molecules, and a mother is also a professor at a university. Perhaps my mother has suffered setbacks. I have adopted a non-positive attitude in my feelings. I have never talked about love, and I have not been with anyone. All my education tells me the truth. If you intend to deliver your body to an individual, you must be loving him, otherwise you will not have any sexual interest. “Stop for a moment, the phone is still a small voice: “For sex, I am not ignorant. After reading books, watching TV movies, how much has been discussed with others.” The 27-year-old is exactly a woman. I also have the psychological and physical needs of a normal person. There are also many heterosexual friends around me who feel that I am simple and beautiful, but I will not have sex with any one of them. Finally, small novels, when the night is lonely, they usually choose masturbation, and sometimes they doubt whether they are sick. The sorrowful desire for love makes women suffer in physical and mental health. This kind of torture usually makes people In the depression of no reason, the feelings can not be pinned, the desire can not be dismissed, long-term easy to fear and dislike of sex, leading to psychological imbalance, resulting in “narcissism in the spiritual world”, may affect To normal emotional and sexual life.<<<Wife is intimate every night, a bit too much to eat