How do parents talk about sex with teenagers?

With the advancement of society, China’s education methods have been enlightened a lot, but if you want to talk about sexual problems with your children, many parents still have no choice. Mr. Zhu has recently encountered an anecdote: his wife accidentally found a condom from the pocket of his 16-year-old son while washing his son’s clothes, which made them look at each other and tangled. Most parents don’t know how to talk to their children about the problem of Mr. Zhu’s husband and wife. Someone needs to say: talk to the child in private. If you have sex with someone, tell him to pay attention to it and help him analyze a series of as a result of. If you don’t do it, you can better say it, analyze the pros and cons, and let him pay attention later. Don’t have sexual relations so early, so as not to affect the whole life plan. However, it is difficult to know. Everyone knows the truth, but when it comes to the children, most parents are still very difficult to speak. Especially nowadays, children have strong self-awareness, and they use the excuse of “this is my privacy” as an excuse to make it difficult for parents. Xiao Bian recommended: stealing food forbidden fruit harms adolescence why sexual anxiety and young people talk about sex problems is best open and honest first parents should correctly understand the adolescents’ sexual curiosity, adolescent boys and girls, have a good impression of the opposite sex, have curiosity about sex, which shows that they Being mature is a normal performance. Second, parents should be open and honest about talking about sex with their children. Don’t cover up, the more you hide, the more likely you are to be curious. It is normal to let them know about sex. Be friends with your children, understand their views on sex, and then guide them to a correct understanding of sex. At the same time, let them realize that although sex is the basic needs of human beings, the main task of young people is to learn, and the main focus should be on learning. Also tell them the dangers of premature sexual life. Premature sexual life will have adverse effects on boys and girls, affecting physical development and impeding physical health. When they grow up, their physical and psychological maturity will naturally have a perfect sex life. Guess what you like: Young girls are susceptible to four diseases when a girl begins to develop a one-night sex to make love to demonstrate emotional stories couples emotional fun help more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Copyright The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!