What are the hazards of excessive sex frequency?

Sexual life can bring a lot of fun and happiness to everyone. After all, sex is good, it is the other half of our lives. When men and women are sexually active, sometimes the sexual frequency is too high. In fact, this is very unfavorable for women’s vagina. When we have sex, we should learn to maintain moderate sex. What should be more professional sex? What is the private part of women in sex? It is maintained by the dominant bacteria Lactobacillus to produce lactic acid to inhibit the growth of other bacteria. Anatomically speaking, the vagina is connected to the outside world, but the vagina is narrow and narrow, that is to say, the part of the outlet is narrow, and the vaginal wall is usually fit. Therefore, the vagina is actually relatively isolated from the outside world, maintaining a relatively stable acidic environment. Relative to the acidic environment of the vagina, the man’s penis is alkaline, because the epidermis of the penis is the skin rather than the mucous membrane. The pH of the skin is almost 5.5, so the penis is alkaline to the vagina. In addition, the penis is tightly packed, sweat and men’s “regularity” often lead to a large number of bacteria in the penis, and these bacteria are not the lactobacillus that the vaginal can produce lactic acid, but the disease that causes vaginal inflammation. bacteria. In addition, there are bacteria in the vulva of the woman, and it is different from the inside of the vagina. Therefore, every time sex is made, the woman’s vagina is like a “dead enemy” invasion: the bacteria in the vulva and the bacteria carried by the penis are brought into the vagina, plus the weak alkaline of the penis itself (relative to the vagina). It breaks the ecological balance inside the vagina. Moreover, when making love, the vagina is opened and more contact with the outside world. In this way, it is neutralized by alkali, the number of foreign bacteria is increased, and it is connected with the outside world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the pH of the vagina will rise from 4 to 7.2 and maintain for 6-8 hours after sex. The frequency of sex should not be too high. This is for the sake of women’s health. It is normal to have desires to vent. But it is also necessary to maintain a degree, not always indulge, excessive demand.