The perfect solution for men’s inability

I believe that most men have encountered the same problem. When they have sex with a partner, they always feel that they are a little weak, not their own ability, but their partner has a strong sexual desire, several times a night. This will make many people feel overwhelmed. Faced with this problem, men should learn to solve this problem effectively. That’s it. The grassroots countermeasures are: 1. Masturbation or helping a partner to masturbate blindly suppress sexual desire is useless. Masturbation can satisfy your needs without hurting yourself and others. Why not? If the needs of a sexual partner are strong, it is necessary to help the sexual partner to masturbate, not only to meet the needs of the sexual partner, but also to extend the fun of sex life. 2. Reduce the temptation of stimuli, cool and eye-catching porn sites, adult magazines, A films, etc., to arouse people’s desires. For those who are impulsive, they fuel the fire and avoid it. 3. Distract attention If you have nothing to do, use sex to kill time. You can also participate in recreational activities that require physical labor, such as going to the gym, skating, playing, outing, climbing, and so on. The following advanced classes are promoted to the spiritual level: 1. Expanding the opportunities for gender interaction Are you full of fantasies about the opposite sex, but you don’t know how to get along with him or her, so you bring tremendous sexual stress to yourself? Relax, participate in community activities, participate in men’s and women’s programs, go to the bar to chat and sit down, extend the opportunities for men and women to get along, start courtship, fall in love, balance the body and mind. 2. Reviewing intimate relationships with partners If you are a couple, cohabitation, and a stable relationship, when trying to masturbate or help the other half masturbation, but still can not meet each other and develop outward, you may know strong desires and no in your heart The desire to satisfy is just an excuse. Think about it, have you really stopped talking for a long time? If a man wants to deal with this situation effectively when his wife and partner have super sexual desires, he should learn some skills that can be properly handled without affecting the couple’s sexual life.