Unspoken rules between sex couples

1. Don’t try to let your wife report to you where to go to the money. That is the vast majority of women who can’t tell the truth. The unspoken rules tell us that most women don’t plan to spend money. There will be any planning, impulsive consumption is a common problem for women, and the market’s endless stream of various promotional methods are designed for women. 2. Don’t think that your wife or lie will not know that the vast majority of widowed wives will not be in front of you to verify that what you said is true or false. They will give you your face in public. However, if she is caught once and you are talking nonsense, you will be completely finished, because she will never trust you in the future. 3, the family is a place to talk about feelings and no need to reason, the unspoken rules tell us that if you want to talk to your wife’s theory in order to think of the right thing, the final outcome of the debate is likely to be beyond your expectation, because women will be surprised Why do men have no air volume, therefore, the vast majority of couples quarrel the end, the wrong party will always be a husband, have you ever seen your wife admit the mistake? 4, do not tell each other their love experience before marriage, dive The rules tell us that both husband and wife will be sympathetic to each other’s first love or predecessor. Therefore, telling each other more details will increase one’s own heroic shortness, or add one more tired one’s own competition target. .