Want to get pregnant, what is the day of ovulation?

I believe that most women are familiar with the three words of ovulation, and everyone will secretly calculate their own small days in private. After all, there are a few happy families on such a day, so the female compatriots should pay more attention to it. How to measure the ovulation period is scientific and accurate? Let Xiaobian introduce three effective methods for everyone. The first one: the menstrual cycle push algorithm menstrual cycle quasi-recommended to calculate the ovulation period through their own menstrual cycle is the most simple and easy to calculate. The formula is: the first day of ovulation period = the shortest menstrual cycle days minus 18 days, ovulation The last day = the longest menstrual cycle days minus 11 days. The calculation method is based on the first day of this menstrual cramp, counting backward days. For example, a woman has a menstrual cycle of up to 30 days in the last few months, the shortest For 28 days, the first day of ovulation = 28 days – 18 days = 10 days, the last day of ovulation = 30 days – 11 days = 19 days, which means that her ovulation period is the 10th day of this menstrual cramp The last day is the 19th day of this menstrual cramp. #p#副标题#e Second: Ovulation pain perception Some women feel a slight pain in one lower abdomen on one day in the middle of two menstrual periods, but a period Time will pass, there will be no abnormalities in the physical examination, it is likely to be pain during ovulation, which is mainly caused by the ovulation process, so that the date of ovulation can be accurately estimated. The third type: basal body temperature measurement method for healthy people The body temperature will appear fine at different times. Changes, the body temperature of adult women will fluctuate with the menstrual cycle, especially the ovulation day will be more fluctuating, so you can estimate the ovulation period by measuring the basal body temperature. The specific method is: just a few days in the morning just wake up and use a thermometer to measure The temperature of the sublingual body is then recorded. In general, the temperature of the woman before the ovulation fluctuates less, the basal body temperature of the ovulation day will suddenly decrease, and the body temperature will rise after the ovulation day, and the body temperature will drop again after the menstrual cramps. .