How to avoid ovulation bleeding, what are the clinical manifestations?

There are often some women who have a normal amount of blood in the vagina one week after the normal menstruation. Generally, there is no special feeling, and sometimes there is a feeling of bloating. Ovulation bleeding can affect a woman’s health. In fact, this is not a terrible pathological change in her body. So what is the ovulation bleeding? How to do ovulation bleeding? Let us explain this reason for you! Ovulation bleeding is a common symptom in women during ovulation, but if odor occurs, it may happen. Inflammatory infection. It is recommended that women who have bleeding during ovulation and have odors go to the hospital for leucorrhea routine and B-ultrasound to determine whether they have inflammation. Ovulation bleeding may be a sign of many genital diseases, such as irregular menstruation, cervical erosion, cervical polyps, cervical cancer, endometrial polyps, uterine submucosal fibroids, endometrial adenocarcinoma and other reproductive tract diseases, these can be It causes symptoms of bleeding during ovulation, and if the primary disease that causes bleeding during ovulation is not treated in time, it can endanger women’s health. In addition, patients with ovulation bleeding are often accompanied by abdominal pain symptoms, periodic menstrual pain, usually lasting for several hours, individual patients can last longer. Ovulation bleeding, also known as “interstitial bleeding”, this is due to the short-term decline in estrogen levels, the endometrial loss of hormone support and partial shedding, causing regular vaginal bleeding, this amount of bleeding is not Many people, only a small amount of brown secretions, usually last for half a day or 2-3 days, up to 7 days, may be accompanied by mild ovulation pain and back acid endocrine disorders recommended endocrine, most women with menstrual cycle The stability will disappear spontaneously. If it occurs repeatedly or if there is more bleeding, you can go to the hospital. The clinical manifestations of ovulation bleeding are as follows: 1. Uterine bleeding. In the menstrual cycle with ovulation, uterine bleeding during ovulation occurs, the amount of bleeding is small, and some are only brown secretions, usually 23 days can stop, the longest 7 days. 2, abdominal pain. Periodic menstrual pain can be light or heavy, usually lasting for several hours, and individual patients can last for 23 days. 3. Infertility. May stop sexual life due to ovulation bleeding, missed the time of conception. Note: There are generally no obvious positive signs. Diagnostic curettage, basal body temperature measurement (basic body temperature is biphasic, bleeding occurs during low and high temperature transition), laparoscopic examination can confirm the diagnosis. If the symptoms are mild, no treatment is needed, and the amount of bleeding is high or the affected person can be treated with drugs.