LELO: The wedding guide for the wedding night

I believe that everyone’s experience of the wedding night will be forgotten for life. We look forward to a perfect experience on the wedding night, but there are always some people who will make mistakes in their wedding nights. This kind of embarrassing scene is really disappointing. Today we will talk about what is the room guide on the wedding night. 1. Understand each other and give consideration to the first time in the sexual life. It is inevitable that two people will feel a little shy. This is a normal phenomenon, especially for women, and psychological activities are more complicated. You have to make your husband move softly, and you can try several times at a time. The woman should also take the initiative to cooperate to overcome the tension and fear, the spirit to actively relax, the sexual excitement is quick, the secretions in the private parts are more, the lubrication is good, the pain in sexual life can be reduced, and the hymen can be alleviated. pain. 2, understand the basic knowledge of the house in order to make the life of the house in the night to go smoothly, this requires the two sides to understand the basic knowledge of the house before the same room. In order to understand male and female sex.. The structure and physiological characteristics of the official, so as not to make some jokes that mistake the female urethra as a private place on the wedding night, which will help your sexual intercourse to be more comfortable and make a good foundation for future sexual life. . Xiao Bian recommended: These brain-destroyed women should be shackled to make the dating more hot. Five sports to improve women’s sexual ability 3, pay attention to the external genital health husband and wife sex life should be safe, in addition to preparing a condom You also need to thoroughly clean your body before sexual intercourse, especially the hygiene of the genitals. Due to the purchase of goods by marriage and the reception of relatives and friends, the newlyweds are busy and tired. The smegma of men and the secretions of women’s private parts increase. If they are not cleaned, they are very unsanitary and will affect the desire and health of both men and women. 4, broken hymen inflamed hymen rupture, some mild pain and a small amount of bleeding, should be wiped with sterile gauze or cotton wool, preferably 2-3 days to re-sex life to prevent wound inflammation. If the hymen ruptures a lot and the pain is unbearable, you should seek medical attention. 5, do a good job of contraception unless you want to have children immediately after marriage, then please do a good job of contraception. If a condom is not used, women will not be highly concentrated in their thinking and their sexual life will be affected. If the woman takes the contraceptive pill in time, or the man wears a condom, the double convenience is no concern, the concentration of energy, the sexual life will achieve satisfactory results. What’s more, the use of condoms in sexual intercourse not only prevents women from accidentally getting pregnant, but also avoids men’s sexually transmitted diseases. Why not do both things? 6, the correct treatment of premature end of the majority of people’s first sexual life is not so satisfactory, the first sexual life, the man may be due to lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement, the emergence of premature ejaculation caused by sex ~ life failure. For this situation, you should forgive, this is not premature ejaculation, men with the growth of sexual knowledge after marriage and the accumulation of sexual experience, the tacit cooperation between the two sides, usually will soon return to normal. In this case, women should comfort each other, should not complain that the other party’s time is too short, do not care too much about the results of the first time in the same room, the first time it is inevitable that it is too normal to be unsatisfactory. Guess what you like: Love St. Girls Secrets, Men and Women, Thinking Logic, Different Women, Natural, Quirky, Emotional Stories, Couples, Emotional Aids, Sexual Intercourse orgasm, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexuality Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn