Being a “wild” man is more flavorful!

Related wonderful articles: Second offensive skills, giving her more extreme orgasm sex can make gynecological diseases early “present” busy office workers 7 days perfect sex skills sex how to give women private parts “moisturizing” couples avoid habitual abortion 5 elements wild For men, it is more precious than anything else. Wildness is personality, but it must not be changed from wild to barbaric! In fact, both men and women are the same, men are wild, but not barbaric! What is wildness? Wildness is the innate nature of men. This nature, when a man is not personnel, is mischievous and naughty; when a man learns to step into the social door, he begins to show his incompetence and arrogance. Without the wildness, the man has no backbone and lost the sign. But wildness is more fragile than anything else. It drains from men much faster than calcium loss. It is the natural enemy of the wild—-“mature” that causes the wildness to die out quickly. Perhaps every man will go to “mature” and get “mature”. But the price is to give up the wild and betray the wild. In many cases, the age of men is often the wild Waterloo. From then on, it will be difficult for men to have the opportunity to freely demonstrate the wildness that creation has given to them. Wildness is sad, because there are few supporters of the wild, and it is more difficult to find an environment for repairing scars. The society does not accept wildness; the family is not allowed to remain wild; the unit does not allow wildness. Everything around men seems to exclude men’s wildness until the man is completely “mature”. In urban life, the wildness of men is gradually lost, becoming elegant and becoming a gentleman. This is the progress of society and the inevitability of history. However, everything can be stopped and cannot be overdone. The elegance of a man should not be as feminine as a woman. It’s not a sissy, it’s not a deceit, it’s not a low eyebrow, it’s not a smile. The gentleman of a man is not a good old man. He is not standing by and watching when he is in danger. Why don’t you be barbaric? The barbaric man is too strong in the rivers and lakes, full of suffocation, and the limbs are developed. At the same time, the brain cells are gradually necrotic, the thinking power is getting weaker, and when they are in trouble, they are shouting and killing, and they want to kill people. Fast, barbaric man is the devil. Barbaric men do not ask for indulgence, and they are reluctant to fight. They are often unreasonable. They are wild, and even family, lover, and friends are not missed. It often causes harm to others. Barbarism and ignorance are a pair of brothers. There is only a brute force to deal with things, thinking that force can solve everything, and no other solution can be found. Wildness is personality, brutality is cruel! Calling men to be wild, but resolutely draw a line with barbarism.