Pregnancy is not just a matter for women. Men should do these things well.

The husband and wife are preparing to add a little baby to the family, so they are actively preparing for pregnancy. However, most men mistakenly believe that the pregnancy is only a personal matter of the wife, and has little to do with themselves. Responsible for buying a good meal for your wife, you can feel the new life with peace of mind. The couple wants a healthy and intelligent baby. The expectant mother has to adjust her body. Is it true that the father is not? Pregnancy is not just a matter for women. Men should do these things well: Regular sex studies have found that couples who have sex twice a week have a higher chance of pregnancy than couples who occasionally have sex. If your wife has a regular menstrual cycle, the chances of being pregnant during ovulation are definitely greater. Of course, everyone does not need to deliberately pursue the “best sex time” of pregnancy, which can easily lead to too much mental tension, but not conducive to pregnancy. A moderate study in the University of Cordoba, Spain, found that men who regularly exercise moderately have multiple indicators of semen that are stronger than men who do not. Regular exercise can increase the speed of sperm swimming and make sperm vitality stronger. It is recommended to exercise 3 times a week, half an hour to an hour, swimming, jogging, etc. are good choices, but exercise should not be excessive, marathon, long-term cycling, etc. will make sperm quality worse. Men with varicose veins should exercise under the guidance of a doctor. If you sleep less late at night, you may even lose your desire to be intimate with your lover, and your erectile function will be affected. Men who have stayed up late for sleep and lack of sleep will have decreased physical function and disease resistance. It is recommended to go to bed before 11 o’clock every day and sleep for 6-8 hours. Keeping a good mood in the clinic, I often meet young people who are planning to give birth. They see all kinds of problems from the Internet, or they are too particular about it. They follow too many so-called “golden rules” or they are too worried about “making people hard.” “The children born are not healthy and smart, and they are particularly nervous. In fact, they don’t have to.” During pregnancy, you must maintain a good mentality, because tension and anxiety will increase the difficulty of childbirth, which is not good for future babies. Even if the current reproductive health is facing certain problems, it is not too nervous. Many men are busy working, so they often have to stay up late to work overtime. During the pregnancy, for the quality of sperm, it is recommended not to stay up late, but also do not give yourself too much pressure, to maintain a relaxed mood is conducive to the arrival of high quality sperm, otherwise sperm It will also be scared by you, not wanting too much pressure and proper exercise is very good. Of course, having regular intercourse between husband and wife is a significant help for pregnancy preparation.