The first point of attention of the virgin

Don’t think that men are born to be masters of love, their first time may not even be a rookie. Do you know the first thing a virgin should pay attention to? When many men are sexually active for the first time, men are more nervous and overwhelmed than women. Remember to bathe and change your teeth, don’t rush to leave a bad impression. When bathing, don’t forget to brush your teeth; don’t bring it to bed after the wedding. You can also spray some oral fragrance to avoid bad breath. Don’t forget to update your underwear: Don’t think that you want to combine it right away, so you only wear a bath towel or a bathrobe. This is too impetuous and should be avoided; you should still wear underwear, so you can enjoy the undressing in the process. pleasure. Bathing time should not be too short: don’t worry too much, want to go out early. Because when men are bathing, women have a lot of preparations, such as: makeup remover, preparation of bedding or contraceptives. Thoughtful men can prepare their newlyweds for bathing after bathing, such as filling the bathtub with water, putting towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, etc. When a woman goes to the bath, please leave more time for her to prepare, comb, and maintain in the bathroom. You can also prepare a little night and night to ease the atmosphere, relax the tension during the wedding, and let your brain wake up a little. The most important thing is that in the whole process, it is best to avoid family and friends, because this is your best and most anticipated time, you should cherish it.